Submit Your Design :

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How To & Tips :

Click on “Manage Layers” to open all the different elements. You can move them by dragging them up or down.
Yes sure you can! Just click on the “Add” button and choose upload.
Open “Manage Layers” and select the layer to open the element option box. Click on the little lock if you are happy with an element. It just makes it easier to select the other elements on the design. (Simply unlock to edit it again)
To make things easier for yourself. Choose your top layer LAST! otherwise you are going to have to lock & unlock layers the whole time.
You can unfortunately only upload .png & .jpg files on the online designer. Use .png for logo’s etc & .jpg for backgrounds.
Please ensure that you upload ‘n high res image for us to use in production.

Notes :

  • We will be adding more pre designed elements shortly
  • If there is a quality problem with one of your uploads we will contact you to send us a higher resolution file
  • We redesign your representation of the photo strip. Although utmost care are taken to keep it as close as possible to your design there might in some instances be minor differences (spacing, strokes etc…). If there need to make a big change we will first contact you.