Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2016-10-17T10:16:09+02:00
Is it possible to customise the photo strips?2016-10-17T10:17:00+02:00

Of course! Simply click HERE to view them and we will change the wording to your needs. Please note that these are standard templates created upfront. If you require more advanced design work additional charges may be applicable depending on the work done.

What is included with the “props”2016-04-18T15:56:21+02:00

We have a variety of funny hats, glasses, feather boa’s and head props ect. so your guests can truly enjoy and express themself!

Themed and stick props also availble at an additional charge.

Can you set up the photo booth outside?2016-04-18T15:59:53+02:00

We prefer to always set up under roof, as the rain always seems to sneak up on us. But if the need arises, feel free to contact us and we can work something out! Who wants to run into the rain to go take a Photo anyway.

And the quality of the photos on the USB?2020-02-13T12:22:41+02:00

On the USB you receive 2 sets of pictures, the one folder contains the photos in “photo strip” form (as it was printed for your guests) and the other folder contains each separate photo in high resolution. You are welcome to upload your photos on facebook etc & we always appreciate it when you tag us as well ;-)

What are the quality of the photos that are taken?2015-03-27T08:30:15+02:00

Unlike some companies out there, we use a top of the range Canon DSLR cameras with industrial dye sub printers. Together they make magic!

Your prints will last a life time!

Do the prints come out in colour or black and white?2015-03-27T08:28:19+02:00

As a standard option our photo booths print in colour, but black & white is also available on request!

Does your packages include printing?2015-03-27T08:41:52+02:00

Yes! Depending on what design you choose you will receive either 2 x photo strips per session or 1 x postcard size print per session. This can be increased with adding duplicate prints to your package.

How many photos can we take?2016-04-18T16:02:58+02:00

Unlimited! Although unlimited usually means between 50 – 60 sessions per hour. That gives you around 240 individual photos per hour (4 photos on each strip about 8 seconds apart per session)!

What needs to be supplied from our (the customer) side?2020-02-13T12:29:21+02:00

We require a power outlet (normal 3 point plug) within 5 – 10m from where the booth is going to be.

You are welcome to supply your own USB Flash Drive to receive the photos on the night. Remember to bring give it to the operator!

If you have a guest book, please supply us with an additional table.

And MOST importantly the PARTY!

What is the size of the photo booth?2016-10-17T10:17:00+02:00

The booth itself is about 2m x 1.5m and can comfortably fit in almost any venue!

We do ask however that you please try to reserve about 3m x 3m floor space to ensure that there is enough space for the props table & for your guests to stand in the que!

How long does it take to set up a booth?2015-03-27T08:11:44+02:00

Our operators require 30-45min set up time.

What Is Idle Time?2015-03-27T08:13:06+02:00

This is in instances where for example you would like the booth to be operational from 19:00-22:00 but want the booth set up by 17:00 inside your venue before your guests arrive (17:00-19:00 would then be considered “idle” time). We can then set up the booth at your pre –requested time and we only charge you R350 per hour “Idling time”

What makes a photo booth so special at a party?2015-03-27T08:14:25+02:00

Well its FUN!!! Most people are camera shy in front of other friends and family. The easiest way to get them to loosen up is to give them a big hat, oversized pink sun glasses and put them in our photo booth with nothing but the camera and you will be surprised at what funny faces they come up with! Simply put : PhotoBoothSA will be the BLAST of your party!

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