Inflatable Photo Booth

  • R750 additional

  • Changing lights!

  • Looks absolutely spectacular at night!

  • Limited space available!

  • #PhotoBubble

Guest Books / Albums

Magnetic Strips

  • R95 per hour
  • A great addon for all booths!
  • We stick a magnet on the back of each printed strip.
  • Let your guests fill up their fridges with all the amazing photos from your event!

Stanchions Rental

  • Looks Stunning!

  • Great for crowd control!

  • Can be rented without the photo booth.

Custom Strip Design

Additional Hours Rental

  • R750/hour on the spot (payable before commencement of the hour to the operator)
  • This will be charged for over and above your chosen package
  • On the spot additional hours can only be booked if we do not have another booth after your event.
  • Additional charges apply after 24:00

Additional Prints

  • Only R350 per hour
  • Need more prints than the usual per session?
  • Double up on your printouts!
  • Works great with the guest book & postcard options.
  • Staff loves this at corporate functions!

Idle Time

  • R350 per hour.
  • This is the time when the booth stands idle before, during or after your event.
  • Photos are not allowed to be taken during idle time.
  • These times are agreed when making the booking
  • Double charge after 24:00

Photo Strip Stand

  • R13.50 each
  • A GREAT idea for creating brand awareness or give to a selected few loved ones!

Themed Props

  • Themed props available from R450
  • Themed stick props available from R350